YIXIN’s Mission

Sustainable AA TOP enterprise, become the leader of the field, benefit customers worldwide by creating most innovative products!


Be success with customers: providing high-quality, complete products and services to meet customer's requirements.
Developing with employees: employees are our wealth, to provide staff with a good working environment and opportunities for development.
Progress together  with society: Assist to establish a sound market system, boost the economic development and fulfill social responsibility.

Share profit with shareholders: Maximize shareholders' equity, emphasis on shareholder's value and create sustainable business.

YIXIN’s Entrepreneurial Spirit – Wild Geese Spirit

We always keep smiling, loyalty, enthusiasm and positive.

YIXIN’s Management Philosophy

Business philosophy: We grow up with customers.
Product concept: Quality is life of a company, optimizing product is the source of development.
Service philosophy: From the people’s, for the people.
Talent concept: to inspire talents with grand career, attract talents with good treatment, condense talents with outstanding enterprise culture, and create talents with good opportunities.

Cost concept: We refuse to waste, even a penny it is.

YIXIN’s Values

Keep commitment: A man can not stand with no credibility.

Remember the responsibility: Taking responsibility as glory, and create value.

Results-oriented: Be proud of  beyond, and be ashamed of no result.

Continuous improvement: Meet customer needs and exceed their own.

In February, HUAYI Steel Ball (ShangYu) Co., Ltd. was established.
In June, due to the introduction of a series of equipment including the advanced 800 Grinding Miller and Metallographic Polishing,the company's product quality has been further improved.
In August, HONGKE Plastic Ball (ShaoXing) Co., Ltd. was established. More realized for the production of plastic ball professional, and has set up a south Korean agent company, the company scale expands unceasingly, the quality and service more on a step, for customers to provide quality products and services.
Company History
Company History

HONGKE' s development model is combined with independent innovation and international cooperation. It has built strategic cooperation relationship with South Korea HONGKE Plastic Co.,Ltd,ensured the reliable source of plastic ball control system import.

Sticking To Innovation

Innovation and sustained development is the culture base stone of YIXIN. At the same time Energy saving, environment protection and future life is always the important consideration and key idea of YIXIN during its development, therefore it is committed to introduction, research and development of new generation of environmental protection and Precision products relying on international technology and innovation and focusing on features of target markets. By which YIXIN Ball Industry’s front -runner status has been consolidated.