Analysis of application prospects of wear resistant steel balls
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Wear-resistant materials need basic materials, but also play an important role in transforming some traditional industries, such as agriculture, chemicals, and building materials.


The consulting industry points out that the wearable materials can be divided into microelectronic materials, optoelectronic materials, sensor materials, information materials, biomedical materials, ecological environment materials, energy materials and smart (smart) materials. A wide range of wear-resistant materials, a wide range of uses, is forming a large-scale high-tech industrial cluster, has a very broad market prospects and extremely important strategic significance.


Among many wear-resistant materials, high-strength wear-resistant materials and metal wear-resistant materials have good application prospects in the cement concrete industry. High-strength wear-resistant materials are composed of high-strength aggregates and powder mineral additives, which are optimized and designed to withstand The grinding loss is minimum, the strength is high, the shape is arbitrary and controllable, the rest is strong, the construction is simple, and the construction performance is good. It is the preferred material for the construction part with wear resistance requirements. The material can be used by adding water and stirring at the site, and the construction is easy. It has high wear resistance, high bonding strength with foundation concrete, high impact resistance and high compressive strength. Good durability and long service life.


With the development of new dry process in cement industry and the development of large-scale equipment, new requirements for wear-resistant materials have been put forward. New equipment introduced by large-scale equipment requires high quality internal wear, good safety and reliability, and high quality appearance. Material, while guaranteeing delivery time. This will enable the wear-resistant materials production plant to introduce new technologies, add new equipment and improve the means of inspection to meet market needs. In the future, green manufacturing and recycling economy are the development direction of wear-resistant materials. Wear-resistant materials will be combined with high-tech, armed with wear-resistant materials industry with new technology and new equipment, and small to medium-sized development.